Episode 16 – Developing Female Leaders with Kadi Cole

As a woman, do you face additional hardships to attain and maintain leadership positions? In this episode, Lucy interviews author Kadi Cole, who has over 25 years of diverse experience in leadership. Kadi shares her experiences with writing, publishing, and working with men and women in leadership. Listen in to hear Kadi’s advice on everything from handling criticism as an author to positive practice of female leadership.

Kadi Cole

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1:55 – Kadi explains the origins of her book on leadership

5:22- Kadi speaks to the most common mistake she sees in the practice of female leadership

8:54 – Kadi maps out the process of writing and publishing her books

12:37 – The similarities and differences between secular and faith-based workspaces in female leadership

18:09 – Kadi breaks down the impact of her two books on her clients and work experiences

21:03 – Do women face additional struggles in writing a book and getting it published? Kadi works through a couple of problems she faced and how she overcame them

25:04 – Kadi speaks to handling criticism as a female author

26:43 – Kadi explains her next steps

29:19 – Kadi shares her tips for aspiring and current female authors


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