Episode 18 – Amplifying the Voices of Women Through Authorship


While women are represented in books like those on diversity and confidence, few women are seen as authorities in the leadership space. Sophie Devonshire was determined to add at least one more name to the list of published female authors with business leadership books, and she used that desire to finish Superfast: Lead at Speed. Sophie is the CEO of Caffeine Partnership, a firm that helps clients deliver their vision with high-energy, high-impact consulting. As an experienced leader and brand specialist fascinated by speeding up success, she wrote Superfast as a response to the excitement and exhaustion people are feeling with the ever-accelerating rate of business and technology advancement. She joins Lucy in this episode to share how she took her business book from concept to publication, how it’s impacted the Caffeine Partnership, and how it’s helped skyrocket her own credibility. Tune in to hear how we can all work to amplify the voices of women by being loud about what we bring to the table.

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In This Episode:

  • How the exponential growth of technology, and her clients’ struggle to keep up with the excitement, inspired Sophie’s book
  • The incredible ways Sophie’s book has helped market her business and land her speaking engagements 
  • Why being a female voice in the business publication world is so important to Sophie
  • The challenges Sophie faced when writing her book, and the three things she used to overcome them
  • What tech tools Sophie used to organize and her book and other strategies she recommends for aspiring authors
  • The role having a mentor and team played in Sophie’s ability to finish her book
  • Sophie’s advice to women hoping to write their own business book
  • How to reframe self-promotion and stop thinking of it as a selfish act


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Episode 17 – Using Your Personal Experience to Shape Your Business Book

There tends to be a misconception that business books must be cold, instructional devices rather than engaging and inspiring guides. When writing her business book, however, Emily Macpherson abandoned complex jargon in favor of clarity, practicality, and encouragement for her readers. Emily is the founder of Find Peace of Mind, a financial planning firm, and author of Retirement Compass: Personal Finance for the Life You Desire. Her business was created as a result of her own poor interaction with a financial advisor, and her efforts to expand on traditional methodologies by helping clients see their lives holistically is a thread woven throughout her book. She joins Lucy in this episode to explain why she took this approach to authorship, how she buckled down to write, and how her experiences continue to shape her professional work.

Emily Macpherson


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In This Episode:

  • How Emily was inspired to go into financial planning and open her business at 22 after her own experience with an advisor
  • The catalyst that got Emily to commit to her book, even though she’d tried to write it several times before
  • How Emily’s business, and book, deviate from the traditional methodologies of financial planning
  • The workshop exercise that played a pivotal role in Emily finishing her first draft in 30 days, and why done is better than perfect
  • Will finding an accountability partner really help you write your business book?
  • How Emily’s book has impacted her business, confidence, and industry credibility
  • Emily’s breast cancer journey, and how it’s inspired her to write a follow-up book geared toward financial planning for young people
  • Her biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to write their business book

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Episode 16 – Developing Female Leaders with Kadi Cole

As a woman, do you face additional hardships to attain and maintain leadership positions? In this episode, Lucy interviews author Kadi Cole, who has over 25 years of diverse experience in leadership. Kadi shares her experiences with writing, publishing, and working with men and women in leadership. Listen in to hear Kadi’s advice on everything from handling criticism as an author to positive practice of female leadership.

Kadi Cole

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1:55 – Kadi explains the origins of her book on leadership

5:22- Kadi speaks to the most common mistake she sees in the practice of female leadership

8:54 – Kadi maps out the process of writing and publishing her books

12:37 – The similarities and differences between secular and faith-based workspaces in female leadership

18:09 – Kadi breaks down the impact of her two books on her clients and work experiences

21:03 – Do women face additional struggles in writing a book and getting it published? Kadi works through a couple of problems she faced and how she overcame them

25:04 – Kadi speaks to handling criticism as a female author

26:43 – Kadi explains her next steps

29:19 – Kadi shares her tips for aspiring and current female authors


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Episode 15 – Getting Your Ideas Onto Paper with Marianne Page

Can you write a business book before you’ve started a business? After more than two decades of working with McDonald’s, that’s exactly what Marianne Page did. Upon leaving the corporate world behind, Marianne wrote Process to Profit as a precursor to her coaching business; she later published the best-selling Simple Logical Repeatable to help consolidate her model into an online program. Today she joins Lucy to discuss the role writing played in her business’s evolution and the importance of getting your ideas onto paper and out to the public.

Marianne Page on A Book of One's Own Podcast

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05:37 – How writing a book can boost your confidence.

07:45 – How a book can build, and evolve, your business.

10:13 – Why it’s important to get your expertise out of your head and onto paper.

15:01 – Why prolific is better than perfect.

18:25 – The growing book trend you must take advantage of to reach a wider audience.

24:31 – Why you need to be confident about putting your brilliance into a book.

34:48 – Marianne’s top tips for writing your book.

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Episode 14 – Trusted: Developing A Collaborative Process to Write Your Book

How is the writing process different when you team up with a colleague? Lyn Bromley and Donna Whitbrook join Lucy to discuss how they leveraged their collective skills to co-author Trusted: The Human Approach to Building Outstanding Client Relationships in a Digitized World. You’ll hear how their book made their expertise more accessible to the masses while bringing them speaking engagements and notoriety. Don’t miss this dynamic duo’s advice on confidence, human connection, and collaboration.

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03:56 – How Donna and Lyn developed a collaborative writing process that gave their book a cohesive tone.

08:55 – How their book made them more accessible.

12:06 – Why a lack of confidence may be holding women back in the workplace.

18:26 – Why women in corporate need to write a business book, too.

19:45 – How “writing for everyone” can help break through unconscious bias.

23:24 – The self-sustaining cycle of marketing a book.

27:33 – Lyn and Donna’s “book magic moments” that surprised them both.

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Episode 13 – Own It: Creating Positive Changes Through Books

Your business book does more than set you apart from your competition; it’s the legacy of your personal and professional experiences. Sandra Webber is a high-performance coach who knows what it takes to create positive changes in your life. Her book Own It: Regain Control and Live Life on Your Terms was written intentionally to connect her story to the framework she uses to help her clients take action. Today she joins Lucy to talk about her unorthodox professional journey, her path to authorship, and the impact of her book.

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08:19 – The first step that made Sandra’s writing process feel easy.

10:27 – What will motivate you to write if you’re worried it’s a selfish use of time.

15:41 – How your book will leave a legacy.

16:42 – Why planning is non-negotiable if you want to follow through.

21:47 – How to make your book more relatable, and why it matters.

31:09 – Sandra’s top tips for women who want to write a book.

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Episode 12 – The How and Why of Writing a Book with Vicki Wusche

Many aspiring entrepreneurial authors, especially women, are worried that writing is a selfish use of their time. Vicki Wusche, a five-time author and property wiz, wants you to know that the opposite is true. Today she joins Lucy to talk about why sharing your knowledge is never a selfish act. You don’t want to miss her no-nonsense approach to shedding the excuses and owning your journey.

Vicki Wusche on A Book of One's Own Podcast

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06:39 – How your book can be the turning point of evolution in your business.

12:45 – Why you shouldn’t be afraid of being criticized for sharing your journey.

18:16 – The “tribe of readership”, and why you shouldn’t be concerned with comparisons.

21:05 – Why you don’t need to write specifically for women.

26:01 – Why keeping your expertise to yourself is selfish.


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Episode 11 – Why the World Needs to Hear More from Women

For women, having variegated lives informs our work, our behavior, and our writing. Today Lisette Schuitemaker, a four-time author, chats with Lucy about birth order, childhood conclusions, and socialization. They discuss gender differences in perception and performance, and why the world needs to hear more from women. Lisette’s work focuses on spiritual- and self-development, and you don’t want to miss her insights on what it means to live a multitrack life and being a woman who owns her story.

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04:40 – The characteristics of eldest daughters and how they translate to professional performance.

17:07 – What are childhood conclusions, and how do they inform our work?

22:45 – How your book acts as a business card and finds people for you.

25:12 – Lisette’s tips for writing your book.

27:57 – Why the world needs to hear from women.

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Episode 10 – The Three Routes to Publishing

Once you’ve planned and written your book, how do you actually get it published?  In this episode, Lucy explains the three main routes of publishing a book: traditional publishers, DIY self-publishing, and hybrid publishing. She shares the details that will help you decide which route to take when publishing your book. You’ll hear all you need to know in order to publish your book your way.

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02:38 – An overview of Traditional Publishing and what you should know before starting

11:10- DIY Self-publishing overview and what you will need to publish your own book

16:05 – A look into hybrid publishing, a balance between DIY and Traditional Publishing

25:40 – How to distinguish between Self-publishing and Hybrid publishing


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Episode 9 – How to Utilize Your Book as a Recruitment Tool

How can you turn trauma and the taboo into a practical handbook? Jane Duncan Rogers is a coach, speaker, and not-for-profit founder who helps people establish end-of-life plans. Today she joins Lucy to discuss how her book, Before I Go, helped her package her personal experience into an effective and palatable guide that seeks to change the way we think about “The D-Word”. Not only has she turned a conversation-stopper into a tool to use with her clients, she’s created training material for new end-of-life plan coaches.

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9:37 – How unpacking emotional work in a business-like way helps you be more firm with your audience.

11:28 – The importance of having a supportive network.

15:10 – What it means to be sitting on a “mountain of value”.

18:18 – How writing helps bring your specialties and experience together cohesively.

19:39 – Why you’re never lost for content when you’ve got a book in your repertoire.

21:46 – How your book acts as a recruitment tool.

30:24 – The key things Jane’s book has brought her.

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