Episode 18 – Amplifying the Voices of Women Through Authorship


While women are represented in books like those on diversity and confidence, few women are seen as authorities in the leadership space. Sophie Devonshire was determined to add at least one more name to the list of published female authors with business leadership books, and she used that desire to finish Superfast: Lead at Speed. Sophie is the CEO of Caffeine Partnership, a firm that helps clients deliver their vision with high-energy, high-impact consulting. As an experienced leader and brand specialist fascinated by speeding up success, she wrote Superfast as a response to the excitement and exhaustion people are feeling with the ever-accelerating rate of business and technology advancement. She joins Lucy in this episode to share how she took her business book from concept to publication, how it’s impacted the Caffeine Partnership, and how it’s helped skyrocket her own credibility. Tune in to hear how we can all work to amplify the voices of women by being loud about what we bring to the table.

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In This Episode:

  • How the exponential growth of technology, and her clients’ struggle to keep up with the excitement, inspired Sophie’s book
  • The incredible ways Sophie’s book has helped market her business and land her speaking engagements 
  • Why being a female voice in the business publication world is so important to Sophie
  • The challenges Sophie faced when writing her book, and the three things she used to overcome them
  • What tech tools Sophie used to organize and her book and other strategies she recommends for aspiring authors
  • The role having a mentor and team played in Sophie’s ability to finish her book
  • Sophie’s advice to women hoping to write their own business book
  • How to reframe self-promotion and stop thinking of it as a selfish act


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