Episode 17 – Using Your Personal Experience to Shape Your Business Book

There tends to be a misconception that business books must be cold, instructional devices rather than engaging and inspiring guides. When writing her business book, however, Emily Macpherson abandoned complex jargon in favor of clarity, practicality, and encouragement for her readers. Emily is the founder of Find Peace of Mind, a financial planning firm, and author of Retirement Compass: Personal Finance for the Life You Desire. Her business was created as a result of her own poor interaction with a financial advisor, and her efforts to expand on traditional methodologies by helping clients see their lives holistically is a thread woven throughout her book. She joins Lucy in this episode to explain why she took this approach to authorship, how she buckled down to write, and how her experiences continue to shape her professional work.

Emily Macpherson


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In This Episode:

  • How Emily was inspired to go into financial planning and open her business at 22 after her own experience with an advisor
  • The catalyst that got Emily to commit to her book, even though she’d tried to write it several times before
  • How Emily’s business, and book, deviate from the traditional methodologies of financial planning
  • The workshop exercise that played a pivotal role in Emily finishing her first draft in 30 days, and why done is better than perfect
  • Will finding an accountability partner really help you write your business book?
  • How Emily’s book has impacted her business, confidence, and industry credibility
  • Emily’s breast cancer journey, and how it’s inspired her to write a follow-up book geared toward financial planning for young people
  • Her biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to write their business book

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