Episode 15 – Getting Your Ideas Onto Paper with Marianne Page

Can you write a business book before you’ve started a business? After more than two decades of working with McDonald’s, that’s exactly what Marianne Page did. Upon leaving the corporate world behind, Marianne wrote Process to Profit as a precursor to her coaching business; she later published the best-selling Simple Logical Repeatable to help consolidate her model into an online program. Today she joins Lucy to discuss the role writing played in her business’s evolution and the importance of getting your ideas onto paper and out to the public.

Marianne Page on A Book of One's Own Podcast

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05:37 – How writing a book can boost your confidence.

07:45 – How a book can build, and evolve, your business.

10:13 – Why it’s important to get your expertise out of your head and onto paper.

15:01 – Why prolific is better than perfect.

18:25 – The growing book trend you must take advantage of to reach a wider audience.

24:31 – Why you need to be confident about putting your brilliance into a book.

34:48 – Marianne’s top tips for writing your book.

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