Episode 19 – Connecting With People on a Vulnerable Level

In this episode, Lucy speaks with Sophie Milliken, who is a recruitment and employability expert with over fifteen years’ experience in the recruitment industry in a variety of different areas. Sophie has worked with many employers to help them design and deliver their graduate recruitment campaigns. Her company Smart Resourcing Solutions is the leading provider of assessment center simulations for universities and has trained over 30,000 students, and today she is here to speak about her upcoming event with Ted talk and how she is switching gear and getting more personal for people to connect on a different level.

Connecting With People on a Vulnerable Level

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In This Episode:

  • Sophie’s reasons behind writing From Learner to Earner
  • Sophie talks about her up-coming event with Ted talk and what we can expect to hear from her 
  • Responses from people in social media for opening up and getting vulnerable
  • Do women worry more about being vulnerable and open than men? 
  • Speaking in from on strangers about her story and not just professionally
  • Sophie’s future plans for event and books


Connect with Sophie:

Connect with Lucy: