Episode 1 – Why You Should Write Your Business Book

Fewer women than men are doing the one thing that can automatically increase credibility, income, and reach: writing a book.

Lucy McCarraher is an author, mentor, publisher, and speaker. She is on a mission to inspire more women entrepreneurs to write their business book and claim their authority.

Today she reveals the 6 C’s that discourage women from writing and the five reasons they must push through their self-doubt and get their book published.

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03:12 – Why do fewer women write their business books than men? What Lucy found when analyzing the results of the Business Book Awards

08:43 – What are women up against in publishing? The 6 C’s women face in business and book-writing

15:48 – Why writing your book is not a selfish process

18:26 – The first reason you need to write a business book: What the planning process does for you

20:06 – Reason two: How your book’s content works for you

21:42 – Reason three: How authorship changes your standing in your industry

23:34 – Reason four: How your book sells you

25:00 – Reason five: The magic of writing a good book

27:24 – How to get started on your writing journey

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