Episode 3 – 10 Women Archetypes

As an aspiring entrepreneurial author, it’s important for you to have the tools to get through the writing process without being sidetracked, losing confidence, or giving up.

As Lucy was writing A Book of One’s Own and unpacking her interviews with women entrepreneurs, she got to know ten women archetypes. These archetypes can either distract you from your goal or help you plan, write, and publish your book.

Today Lucy introduces you to the archetypes, teaches you how to spot them, and shows you how to call upon your female superpowers.

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03:21 – How Lucy discovered the ten archetypes, and why it’s important to understand them

07:09 – The three archetypes that sap our self-confidence, and how to confront them

13:37 – The three archetypes that ambush us, and how to keep them from derailing your process

19:48 – The three archetypes related to our superpowers as women


26:20 – How you can evolve into the final archetype that expands your influence, increases your income and makes an impact

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