Episode 5 – How to Position Your Book

In order for your book to be as valuable an asset as possible, you must position it perfectly before publishing.

It’s imperative that you take the time to plan its alignment with your business and target market.

Luckily, Lucy has an exact model for you to follow and she is sharing it with you today.

You’ll hear the details of her P.L.A.N. method and the precise action steps you need to take to position your book.

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02:00 – What is the P.L.AN. method?

03:45 – How to position yourself as an author

06:20 – How to clarify who you’re writing for

12:05 – How to determine what your ideal client wants to hear, and where you need to meet them

15:06 – How unpacking the solution and benefits you offer will position you as a unique provider

16:33 – Why standardizing your unique processes is important for establishing intellectual property

20:37 – What your book needs to sell you without sounding like a marketing brochure

22:10 – How and why you need to let your P.L.A.N. compost

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