Episode 7 – How to Conquer Self-Doubt When Writing Your Business Book with Audrey Chapman

Who the hell are you to write a book? If you’re an aspiring entrepreneurial author, you can’t miss today’s episode.

Audrey Chapman, sales strategist, and author joins Lucy to discuss how she conquered self-doubt and wrote a book that allowed her to dig deep and reap the rewards.

You’ll hear how writing Love Selling: How to Sell Without Selling Out was a transformative experience — one that landed her a six-figure contract.

Get comfortable, because Audrey is going to answer that nagging question, “Am I good enough?” (Hint: the answer is YES.)

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05:33 – How writing a book adds weight to your professional experience.

07:00 – The unexpected place you’ll find your ROI after writing a book.

10:34 – Facing your internal dialogue of self-doubt.

18:18 – Audrey’s life-changing shift in perspective that came from her writing process.

21:07 – Audrey’s advice to get started writing.


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